The sun on my belly says pogo my cat whom I love too My dot Zen art helping hands for mental health,I start with one dot and see where I end up enjoy ❤ Day 13: Happiness The faces say it all : Day 71 lavender heart made out of vintage fabric made by @michele50 many moons ago. I love having things my friends have made around me. #2O18challenge #csadaily18 #asketchaday #64millionartists #documentinglife #domesticity #mundane #householdobjects #objects #linedrawing #penandink #drawingart #creative2018 #instadraw #blueandwhite #illustrationgram #documenting #illustragram #handmade : @zeta_sagittarii Weekly challenge - Your Online Self. #citizenme #64millionartists #weeklychallenge Day 13: Something you love #currentmood #64millionartists #creativity #64millionartists #week6 It's not every day at work you get asked to paint your own heart....but today was that day! In preparation for an upcoming exhibition 'Heart of the Matter' we started to plan some activities around the exhibitions themes with Artist Sofie Layton. Unpicking my own heart through this particular activity I have touched upon a concept which i feel fits beautifully with this weeks task. Here is today's efforts for what I am currently calling 'Storm Filter - making a puddle of fun and reflection'. If I get time this week i would really like to explore this a bit more in the comfort of my own home without a 15 minute time limit ticking away! If anyone is Newcastle based, the exhibition opens next weekend (24th March) and looks like it's going to be great! Someone to Love Day 70 A quick biro sketch of a lovely but complicated empty biscuit tin #2O18challenge #csadaily18 #asketchaday #64millionartists #documentinglife #domesticity #mundane #householdobjects #objects #linedrawing #penandink #drawingart #creative2018 #instadraw #blackandwhite #illustrationgram #documenting #illustragram @melaniejanestephens #whoateallthebiscuits Day 13- Tiny. My 5 minute sketch and the same with colour added Weekly challenge - Your Online Self. #citizenme #64millionartists #weeklychallenge : @tezni #64millionartists #weeklychallenge #citizenme #onlineshopper Day 69 I have filled another sketchbook so have had to buy new supplies. Here is a quick pencil sketch of my Annie Sloan paint brush and a little Japanese brush. #2O18challenge #csadaily18 #asketchaday #64millionartists #documentinglife #domesticity #mundane #householdobjects #objects #linedrawing #penandink #drawingart #creative2018 #instadraw #blackandwhite #illustrationgram #documenting #illustragram Day 12: Something wild My daily visitor now with a bit of a colour wash #64millionartists #weeklychallenge #citizenme #onlineshopper Day 12- something wild. Used ink to draw this and can’t decide whether to add colour or not , quite like the monotone effect #RebrandingBritishness Better late than never! Online self - family archive painting from 1900 daydreaming of virtual worlds even then #poetry #archive #painting #contemporaryart #VirtualReality #64millionartists Weekly Challenge, 12th March - Your Online Self . In the past we've prompted you to creatively self reflect in the real world but we've never asked you to reflect in the online world... who are you online? What do you share about yourself, maybe on social media or the world wide web? Sounds pretty abstract, right? That's why for this week's guest challenge @ctznme, the creators of the personal data app, are here to help. They'd like you to... . Draw your online self. Think about your life online... are you chatty on social media or more of an observer? Do you share a lot or a little on the web? All of your online data adds up to make a virtual image of you that people and organisations can look at online. What do you think they see when looking at you and your life online? You can be as realistic, abstract, fun or serious as you like. . If you'd first like to find out more about what your data can say about you, consider downloading the free CitizenMe app on the Apple App Store or Android Google Play. . If you have more time ... Now draw your real self and compare. What are the similarities and the differences? . Think In what ways were you challenged this week by the activity? Was it difficult to imagine? Has this made you think or feel any different towards your online self? . Share Show us your drawings! Share your interpretation on social media using #64MillionArtists with CitizenMe on Twitter, Facebook and @ctznme and with us. Find out more at www.citizenme.com. My girlfriend left me because of my obsession with linkin park. But in the end it doesn't really matter. For more originals visit: https://www.facebook.com/thinkviral And don't forget to like the page Hello again, missed this week’s challenge I’m afraid. I’m floored by the concept of Britishness at the moment! I thought I knew what we were about but I’m not sure I haven’t just been in the minority all along. But I suppose this is a fairly British concept - next weekend there’s a “spring show” where everyone bakes cakes, plants bulbs, paints pictures, makes jam, etc - and if you win your category you get a chocolate rabbit or something. And I’m entering, not to win the rabbit, just to get into the spirit of it! And because the children are entering and I don’t want to let the side down! The category is “A drawing or painting of new life”. So here it is - along with the photo I worked from. I’m not sure whether to work in more contrast or leave it with the sketchy look - laziness says probably the latter will happen!! Day 11: Draw with tea or coffee Step too far for someone who can’t draw with pens/pencils so wet paper and coffee grounds thrown at it Good as it gets I’m afraid Waiting for the train in the rain. A diverse range of people, conversations, brought together by weather. This is Britishness to me. Oh and coming out without umbrellas. Always underprepared #rebrandingbritishness #64millionartists Week 4 Rebranding Britishness Food is my 1st Love Really enjoy playing with WordArt! I believe the traditional dishes we have as a Nation should be celebrated, and seen as true delicacies as any other National dish from around the World rather than the ridicule that is often levied at them! Can you think of an object, possession or image which represents how you feel about Britishness? Help us visualise a new identity for #millennial Britain #RebrandingBritishness #64millionartists covi.org.uk/rebrandingbrit… #RebrandingBritishness - this was my initial thought (a good Yorkshire cuppa) but brewed on it for the week and then thought yes.. this tea in a modern tea set is redefining tradition but ultimately acts (as a cup of tea does) to initiate the start of a conversation... a symbol of sharing and togetherness, encouraging listening, understanding and empathy. What I hope makes us British, but also makes us human. Laura from our team @64millionartists' attempt at this week's challenge #RebrandingBritishness - this was my initial thought (a good Yorkshire cuppa) but brewed on it for the week and then thought yes.. this tea in a modern tea set is redefining tradition but ultimately acts (as a cup of tea does) to initiate the start of a conversation... a symbol of sharing and togetherness, encouraging listening, understanding and empathy. What I hope makes us British, but also what makes us human... #64millionartists #cupoftea #sharing Day69 busy busy busy so just a quick sketch today . .#2O18challenge #csadaily18 #asketchaday #64millionartists #documentinglife #domesticity #mundane #householdobjects #objects #linedrawing #penandink #drawingart #creative2018 #instadraw #blackandwhite #illustrationgram #documenting #illustragram Week 5 for @64millionartists Rebranding Britishness. This week’s theme was a challenge and I’ve struggled all week with ideas of how best to respond to it honestly. I try to use my creativity as a positive influence in my life but this one is angry. I don’t feel proud to call myself British right now #64millionartists #youcanthaveyourcakeandeatit #gbbo #british #britain #rebrand #fakeoff #sorrymary Week 5 rebranding Britishness. Sorry for the bitter taste of my baking but I don’t feel particularly proud to be British right now. Week 4, Rebranding Britishness Share a photo or picture which says something about what Britishness means to you. How does national identity relate to your everyday life? What are your earliest memories of Britishness? What do you miss when you go abroad? Be thoughtful, creative, serious or humorous I'm not proud of my earliest memories of being British, being a white girl from a military family and have therefore pushed against too much flag-waving and the like, but I do definitely feel British. This fits in with the idea of "Rebranding Britishness". Recently my mum commented that in their small town there was to be a new coffee shop and why were 17 coffee shops needed and I was momentarily quite puzzled by her question. Then I realised that's because of her generation (89) and that for the middle-aged (me) and younger, Coffee and Cake are now a part of our British culture. Coffee and Cake is how many of us socialise. I have probably four friends with whom I have coffee in a coffee shop regularly but rarely socialise any other way. I think other nations do also have a coffee shop culture but I'm not sure it's the same as ours. In any case, I offer here a small montage of a few of Stroud's coffee shops, taken on a damp Saturday, which says something of what Britishness means to me. #64MillionArtists #TheWeeklyChallenge This week’s challenge for #64millionartists is #rebrandingbritishness. I’ve never been to the UK but do hope I make it someday. My earliest recollection of knowing what the UK was is watching Torville and Dean figure skate. Whenever I hear #Bolero I think of #torvilleanddean. I made a collage with my interpretation of the #unionjack with a touch of green felt for #Wimbledon. Hopefully I can visit the lawn when I one day visit. #tennis Masks is the #64millionartists challenge from last week. Due to our home renovations I’m behind. I dedicate my mask to the new tiles we are installing. Black penny tile. White and bluish-grey subway tile. Black hexagon tile. #masks #tiles This is my idea of Britishness- food and drink, sporting activity(normal and eccentric), acceptance (queuing and tolerance). Weekly Challenge No. 5 Share a picture which says something about what Britishness means to you. #64MillionArtists #CrossStreetArts #Art #WiganArt #WeeklyCreativeChallenge #RebrandingBritishness #family #wildlife #countryside #art #literature #vibrant #multicultural #flowers #OU Weekly Challenge No. 4 Make a Mask #64MillionArtists #CrossStreetArts #Art #WiganArt #WeeklyCreativeChallenge #Masks #Flora #Plants #Flowers #ArtificialFlowers #Pink Rebranding Britishness: Could only come up with some iconically British images. Bit of an All Sort myself as my family includes Welsh , Scots ,English and even Australians-can’t make it up really... Day 10: Someone you love Couldn’t do just one so posted my lovely son with his newborn baby girl, 6 months later on her feet, on the beach with her “ Grangrad” at home with her brothers and I won’t be forgiven if I don’t include the best sister in the world Rebranding Britishness: We need a new dog. Forget the British bulldog and all that it stands for. Things have changed. Times have moved on. It's time to get a new dog. Meet Dempsey. Dempsey is a lurcher. Dempsey is proud to be multiracial. He welcomes every stranger with enthusiasm and joy. Dempsey is cool and sophisticated, in touch with his feelings and not afraid to show them. Dempsey lives life to the full and yet knows how to rest. He eats exactly what he needs and loves to exercise. Dempsey is loyal and loving. He brings joy and comfort to all around him. If Britain were more like Dempsey, then the world would be a better place. Day 10- someone you love -my children (who are now grown up but this is a favourite photo from when they were younger ) It's all about biscuits!!! 64 MillionArtists - Weekly Challengers Day 9: Something that fits in the palm of your hand I’ve been thinking about this all week. My first instinct was to post a picture of rain and fog, then I thought, I’ve got to be more positive. Yes we have some glorious countryside, we have many kind and generous people - but so do other countries, those things are not peculiarly British. We also have a health service that is being driven into the ground; young people who, if they want to go to university will be saddled with a lifetime of debt; a homeless population growing by the day; working people using food banks - I could go on, and this is one of the richest countries in the world. So I’ll stick with my rain and fog. Britishness - I love the variety of our British architecture, both the old and the new. I enjoy looking up at buildings against our beautiful blue skies or illuminated at night. So this week it was about rebranding Britishness. I love Great Britain and having lived elsewhere sometimes think we take for granted the freedoms we have and that we extend to others. So not just one image but a collage. The entire British Isles are beautiful. Our values are sound and based on our history, and I along with the vast majority of the British people uphold them. Our patriotism includes robust challenge to regimes, domestic or foreign that seems to conflict with these values Our humour may not be well understood but it is legendary, our satire notorious...we can take the p*** out of ourselves. And for a very small country we have had a big impact on arts, culture and sport. And importantly for me, if you are a bit different, an individual who sometimes tugs in the opposite direction or just a bit of an eccentric...there is space and tolerance to do your thing. Today I will wear the rose, but as this is Rugby I will also applaud the French side when they play well. Although my fingers will be crossed for a glorious English Victory. BTW Scotland played beautifully last week and hope they do the same today. : @zeta_sagittarii #rebrandingbritishness #64millionartists #weeklychallenge #nationaltrust #crumpets #daffodils #tea #chocolate #bonfirenight #publicfootpaths #harrypotter #seaside #tourists #seagulls #doctorwho