The January Challenge 2019

Kickstart 2019 with a healthy blast of creative wellbeing! 31 days, 31 challenges…

The NATURE IN WAVES OF LIGHT - it is the authors' main work. Using the iron, the steel, resins were built more than 50 works of great load - from 300 to 4.500 kg each, which were incorporate effects of the electric-electronics and of the light design - in an experimental hypothesis for the art of the century XXI - usefulart and a multisensorial and open work - interactive with the observers. A type of resilient art that remakes the reconstitution of human destruction of nature with different materials, the main one being sufficient neurons and intelligence to make the creator's message reach the creatures. Estonian artist Ülle Puu. I have my studio but motorcycle riding is also a hobby for our family. Everything is in motion. I am Estonian hobbyartist Ülle Puu. Beauty saves the world. Painting is like magic, where you lose your world. I decided to create my dots by scattering mustard seeds onto sticky card so that it would be truly random and my crafty brain wouldn’t get the chance to place the dots. As soon as the seeds landed, my eye saw the shape of a chicken pecking seeds. The activity was quick and very free - just the sort of creative warm up I love. This photo was taken as part of the Love Where You Live project in Chatham, Kent in Dec 2019. I worked with 3 young people who were unemployed and, between us, we used photography and writing to look at where we lived in a different way, and created a new hashtag for our area - #ChathamReborn I usually use post it notes to remind me of something. Today I used them to remind myself that winter won't last for ever and Spring sunshine is coming soon. I’ve loved doing the January Challenge each day with my two oldest boys so far this year. Thinking creatively has helped them to see the world around them from a whole new angle. The year in lego. 1st day of the year. A tradition? Maybe just in our house :) I sometimes find the New Year a bit depressing but I spent the day doing some sewing and this gave me the idea for my 2020 challenge picture. It was fun to do cheered me up and made me think about all the things I might make this year. Lying on my back with three bulging discs - good fun! My other fave activity is gardening but at the mo it's too cold to pootle about outside! It was off the hoof as I hadn't heard of it but wool is important to me - mainly because I've spent too much on it 😂😂 I designed this poster in response to those who act bewildered about climate change and species annihilation as though it was some kind of mystery, when it isn't One of my other passions was developing designs for posters and t-shirts. This one was meant to be split into two, with one piece on the front and the punchline on the back I like creating science fiction type artwork, using coloured pencils I buy Alien Eggs as they are called, empty out the contents, then film them with plastic BB shot, models, toys, jewellery etc. that I find on the street (a habit I started when delivering leaflets in Glasgow) I found the time limit hard in that there was no time to think about detail. It was a fun exercise though! Day 21 #TheJanuaryChallenge Good News! So today I fell about laughing because of this scenario which actually happened to me, so much so that I decided I just had to share this as my good news story.... #64MillionArtists #dothinkshare The real challenge will be to see if my daughter Kath will see the funny side, given that she is a maths teacher! I have done a similar exercise before that was about drawing another person while looking into their eyes. Yesterday I experimented a bit with abstract painting, inspired by the challenge of the 1st day, and often found that glitches added an interesting element to the works that I wouldn't have been able to come up with consciously. Last year I bumped into a fascinating book about Fertility Dolls. For a while, I've been wanting to make some but lacking materials, I dropped the idea. Later on it occurred to me that I can make them out of recycled materials but I kept postponing it. This day's challenge finally forced me to take the first step towards this project. Although I am not completely satisfied with the product, it opened up some for some new, sci-fi, cyborg-like directions. Also, using labels like "Eterniteahouse.com", it sets the doll into a contemporary context where celebrities and influencers represent wealth and fertility. This is my 8 year old daughter's masterpiece, she had fun doing it... Keep the challenges coming! I was all prepared to stay in today, I was feeling lazy and usually I am a bit of a sloth. But no... I have committed to the 31 day challenge, so... I thought of a purpose.... to leave some brightly painted rocks nearby to make people smile. (I had some I prepared earlier) I had a distance.... there and back again. It was only 10 mins afterall and even I can do 10 minutes. Got myself wrapped up warm, popped on my purple pompon hat, put a few rocks in my bag and out I went... Brrr.... It was a tad chilly. But that's ok I had a plan! Taking in the quietness around, not many people about at all, perhaps I live in an area where we are all sloths.... I walked but then couldn't decide if my 10 minutes walk was meant to start from when I left home or when I reached my destination, and because I forgot to look at the time when I left, how did I know when I had done my 10 minutes so should I start my 10 minutes from then? But then hang on a minute... Was it to be a total of 10 minutes therefore 5 minutes each way - or 10 minutes there and 10 minutes back - thus making 20 minutes? When I did get back home, after climbing the 48 stairs to reach my front door I then realised.... I still had the rocks in my handbag... Oh well... on day 5 I took my rocks out for a walk, we went there and back. Can anyone else cover 4.5miles and 9914 steps in 10 minutes? - feeling satisfied. #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists My response to the ABC challenge. I had a blast coming up with this story, I will definitely return to this exercise in my writing practice. I didn't have time to work more on the visual representation of it but it gave me some ideas where it could go, how it can be even more experimental. My favorite part about this challenge was learning a new word: xanthrippe; which means ill-tempered woman. The story that created itself today is magical. It was good to have an added purpose to my doodling. Today I decides to not erase the words that came to mind, just keeping it flowing. This is how it turned out. This was a great challenge... I wasn’t happy with just a list of words though, so set myself the added challenge of finding an emoji for each one!! ? This was hard. I thought abc start. Start of life. I wrote this in bath! I missed x at first but xylophone a good metaphor for my life! Yellow for sunshine. I got my daughter to help. She enjoyed it! Doing today's challenge made me think about the ways in which we can change our outlook on the things that happen to us. Through choosing the colour yellow, I started to approach my day differently than I had done before. Suddenly I saw the positives, I saw the sunny side! Cousins printing together, averaging three characters per child!! Sort of miss understood the challenge and choose more items than l should. I am going through a difficult time at the moment and wanted bright colours to represent the future but still my favorite purples that l feel support me. Quite amusing doing this one, it brought back memories of crafting with my children It was interesting thinking of the word for 2019, it makes you try and put everything into perspective and think what it is you want in the new year Borrowed my daughter’s paint Feeling as sparkly and iridescent as these mermaids, making me and my children smile as we head into the new year...perfect! It is a slightly obvious one for the start of a New Year. I usually avoid resolutions but this year I am cutting my working hours so I can do more of the things that are important to me. I was very much looking forward to what Day 2 of #TheJanuarychallenge was going to involve and I loved seeing all the individual ways in which people interpreted the challenge. Whilst these were not my actual fingerprints, they do belong to my lovely daughter who is great at making unique and creative cards for her dear old mum. The birthday card was originally a whole big bunch of brightly painted balloons and this has now been customised by me as part of this challenge. :) #dothinkshare Great to set aside a piece of time to this - unfortunately failed yesterday. Time for friends and family I spent New Year climbing up a little rock in South Wales, UK with most of my children and new partner. It's something I've not been able to do for a whole due to health issues. The bonding I watched happen between my partner and my children who each have their reasons for forgetting albeit briefly their shackles and allowing the fresh air and experience dissipate any worries and just be one with nature, the beautiful scenery and love. First challenge I have done .My qword for 2019 is Creation because nature’s creation is amazing and I’m hoping to be more creative in a personal way. Brilliant idea to get me started.