The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 6th April 2020 – Let it Flow

This week’s challenge is set by Kate from Stourbridge, who creates art inspired by the cosmos.

The Weekly Challenge, 16th March 2020 – Activision: A Banner for the Future

“A manifesto is a declaration of your beliefs and vision, that states a group’s aims and intentions.

The Weekly Challenge, 9th March 2020 – Kind Words Campaign

This week’s challenge is from Wednesday’s Child.

The Weekly Challenge 2020 – 2nd March, Places and Spaces

Canoe Lake Leisure is a community based tennis organisation in Southsea.

The Weekly Challenge, 24th February 2020 – #Goals

This week’s challenge is set by Michaela Tranfield, a third year English Literature student who believes goal setting is a great way to explore… “I’ve thought of a way to make goal setting more creative, helping you to reflect on your present and future plans…” Take a few moments to think about the week ahead, and […]

The Weekly Challenge 2020, 17th February – Mind and Matter

This week’s challenge is set by The Hub at Wellcome Collection.

The Weekly Challenge 2020, 10th February – The Sound of this Place

This week’s challenge is set by Gordon Baxter, a user-experience consultant from the East Neuk of Fife.

The Weekly Challenge 2020, 3 February – The Repair Cafe

Welcome to the first Weekly Challenge of 2020!

The Weekly Challenge, 30th December 2019 – Spread the Word

We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas time, and are ready to see in the new year (and decade!

The Weekly Challenge, 23rd December 2019 – ‘Tis the Season

The 25th of December is fast approaching and people around the world are getting ready to celebrate Christmas.