The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 30th December 2019 – Spread the Word

We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas time, and are ready to see in the new year (and decade!

The Weekly Challenge, 23rd December 2019 – ‘Tis the Season

The 25th of December is fast approaching and people around the world are getting ready to celebrate Christmas.

The Weekly Challenge, 16th December 2019 – That’s a Wrap

Our friends at ethical men’s clothing brand Brothers We Stand asked us to write them a blog post about seasonal crafting that’s both unique and recyclable.

The Weekly Challenge, 9th December 2019 – Creative Commute

It can often feel like the routines and schedules of daily life leave little time in the day to enjoy our creativity.

The Weekly Challenge, 2nd December 2019 – Enliven the Streets

What is the local high street like where you live?

The Weekly Challenge, 25th November 2019 – Story of a Gift

Which stories are important for you to tell?

The Weekly Challenge, 18th November 2019 – Autumn Days

It’s beginning to look a lot like…the middle of November!

The Weekly Challenge, 11th November 2019 – Starter for 10

Every day is full of things.

The Weekly Challenge, 4th November 2019

This week’s challenge mixes a few of our favourite things – creativity, crafting, and.

The Weekly Challenge, 28th October 2019 – Weather or Not

“The remnants of summer warmth battle it out with the lurking beginnings of winter – and, where the two mix, the weather turns pretty lively.