Create to Connect

Create to Connect, 29th March – Day 7

Today, we are scaling new heights, we are reaching new peaks, we are building up, up and away – today, we’ve got tower power… Build a tower using the things you’ve got to hand.

Create to Connect, 28th March 2020 – Create your Plate

It’s time to get creative with the contents of your cupboard!

Create to Connect, 27th March 2020 – Day 5

It’s Friday!

Create to Connect, Day 4, 6th March 2020 – Window to the World

Today we are exploring ways to hello.

Create to Connect, 25th March 2020 – Day 3, 20 Seconds

We’ve all been told to wash our hands regularly for twenty seconds (about enough time to sing Happy Birthday twice…).

Create to Connect, 24th March 2020 – Day 2

Now might be a good time to work your way through the book pile by your bed, or to put that Netflix subscipription to good use.

#CreateToConnect – March 23rd, Day 1

Welcome to day 1 of #CreateToConnect!