Create to Connect, Day 18 – 100 Drawings

Today’s challenge is set by Accumulate.

Create to Connect, Day 17 – Collaborative Creations

Young Norfolk Arts provides opportunities for children and young people to create and engage with creativity and culture across Norfolk.

Create to Connect, Day 16 – Conversations with Character

Today’s challenge is from the Synergy Theatre Project, who work across theatre and the criminal justice system towards the rehabilitation and resettlement of prisoners, ex-prisoners and young people at risk of offending.

Create to Connect, Day 15 – Welcome to my World!

Today’s challenge is set by London Youth.

Create to Connect, Day 14 – Making your Mind Up

Today’s challenge comes from the Bethlem Museum of the Mind and the Bethlem Gallery.

Create to Connect, Day 13 – Furry Face

Today’s challenge is set by Gateshead Libraries, Arts & Heritage service.

Create to Connect, Day 12 – Hidden Histories

Today’s challenge is set by a young artist at Contact, a theatre and arts venue in Manchester that place young people at the decision-making heart of everything.

Create to Connect, Day 11 – The Mindfulness Project

Today’s challenge is set by Tangled Feet who create original theatre performances, sometimes inside theatres but often in other public spaces.

Create to Connect, Day 10 – Sing for your Supper!

Mafwa Theatre is a community theatre organisation working with refugees, asylum seekers and low-income communities in Leeds.

Create to Connect, Day 9 – Wild People

Today’s challenge is from Ignite Imaginations, an arts charity based in South Yorkshire who work with people of all ages to celebrate and connect communities through art and creativity.